Club trips are usually to disused mines and quarries. One or two appointed leaders describe the history of the site and explain what remains to be seen. Field trips are arranged on various dates throughout the spring, summer and autumn.

Often there are pieces of the puzzle that don’t fit and even the experts don’t know everything!
Suggestions might be invited regarding the purpose or function of a wall or pair of holes in a stone!
Most trips offer opportunities for mineral collecting, and it is very rarely that any specimen found goes unidentified.

Minerals that may commonly be collected in the South West include quartz and calcite as well as the ores of iron, copper, tin, zinc and arsenic. Rarer species may include gold, silver, cobalt, nickel or tungsten.

Working sites are sometimes visited. These have previously included china clay pits, granite quarries and tin mines.
Opportunities to visit these are more likely to be granted to organised clubs such as the PMMC than to private individuals.

Full details are given in the Journal which is sent regularly to all members.