The Plymouth Mineral and Mining Club exists to provide a meeting point for interested individuals and a forum for discussion. Since 1970 many more members have brought their particular interests and knowledge to the Club.

Activities include:

  • The study of mining and mining artefacts
  • The associated industrial archaeology
  • The fascinating social history connected with the large mining populations of Devon and Cornwall.
  • Mineral processing techniques
  • Mineralogy
  • Literature relating to all the above

The range of experience of members varies from those who join knowing nothing of minerals or mining and wish to learn, to others who have a professional background in either or both areas.
Rest assured, though, that the “experts” are not out to baffle anyone with science!

Almost everyone who has lived in the South West has a mining-related story to tell, whether it’s of an ancestor who was a miner or of the trouble they’ve had getting house insurance because of nearby mining.